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Mobile Application Development Agreement  August 16, 2018 – 09:24 am
App Development Contract | Daniel Salazar

This mobile application development agreement shall be deemed effective as of [Agreement.CreatedDate] by and between the following parties:
[Developer.Name] (Developer) and
[Company.Name] (Company).


PandaTip: This section of the template lays the foundation for the rest of the agreement by listing the basic desires of each party that necessitate the creation of a binding service agreement.

The Company has requested the development of an application meeting the standards contained within this agreement.

The Developer is engaged in the making of such applications and holds all the necessary tools to obtain the needed results of this agreement.
The Company wishes to engage the developer for services as a an independent contractor for the sole purpose of designing the software contained within this mobile application development agreement.

The Developer is, for the sake of this mobile application development agreement, an independent contractor and under no condition shall be considered an employee of the Company.


The Company has appointed the Developer to perform the services pertaining to the development of this mobile application as described below.

PandaTip: Use the text field in this section of the template to provide a detailed breakdown of the application being developed.

(Insert Multi Line Text Field)

The Developer agrees to conduct weekly meetings with the Company to establish the project’s current status.

The Developer agrees to provide all project files, user guides, and application credentials to the Company upon completion of this mobile application development agreement.


The Parties have agreed that the payments listed below are fair and just for the services being provided.

All payments shall be invoiced to the Company no later than 10 days from project completion.
Invoices will be due on [Payment.Terms] payment terms as agreed by the Parties.

PandaTip: Use the template’s pricing table (below) to detail the fees that will be paid to the application developer.

Name Price QTY Subtotal


Subtotal $0.00
Total $0.00


This mobile application development agreement shall become effective as of the agreement date and will continue until all services are completed and approved by the Company or termination is requested by either party.


This mobile application development agreement may be terminated by either party for the following reasons:

  • In the instance of a material breach of any terms and conditions contained within this agreement.
  • In the instance either party receives conviction of a crime or files for bankruptcy during the agreement terms.

Termination Responsibilities

Upon termination of this agreement the Developer will submit an invoice for all services completed to date to the Company.

The Developer will also upon termination of this agreement turn all licenses, documentation, and completed work over to the Company within 1 day of the termination date.

Developer Responsibilities

PandaTip: The next two sections of this template detail the responsibilities of the developer and company who are entering the agreement.


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