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Mobile App Development- Project Management Process  July 29, 2017 – 02:18 pm
Mobile Application Development Using an Agile Project Management

Are you looking to build new capabilities or extend capabilities of existing business software to enhance productivity and profitability.

Key performance metrics are:
1. application scope management
2. project status and dependencies
3. prompt action for defect containment and defect resolution
4. schedule variance and budget variance analysis

Follow a well-defined and mature application development process based on business case analysis.

Who Manages a Project?
Highly-trained Project Managers at
CodeMyMobile manage the complete
application development lifecycle with a
focus on efficiency. Our experienced
project managers lead planning,
coordination, communication and control
of activities pertaining to technology
initiatives, ensuring that project outcomes
are in line with our customers’ business
objectives and comply with overall time,
cost and quality success criteria.

Responsibilities of the Project Manager:
 Manage the project goals, scope and project
teams to ensure overall project success,
including customer satisfaction.
 Develop and proactively manage project plans,
including scheduling, identification of risks,
contingency plans, issues management, and
allocation of available resources.

Project Control & Risk Management:
 Monitor progress against the overall project
plan, leading the team toward successful
milestone completion.
 Identify, communicate and manage project


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