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Registering an Application with Facebook  May 15, 2017 – 12:30 pm
How to Create Facebook App

Click the button near the top. A dialog prompts you to name your application.

You can name your application almost anything, although Facebook does apply a few rules. For example, the name can’t contain the words "Face" or "Book".

You are asked to supply an App Namespace, which is optional. If you supply one, you can later use the App Namespace to define custom Open Graph actions and as part of the application’s Facebook URL. Make sure the App Namespace is longer than 7 characters, contains no capital letters, and is unique among all applications on Facebook. Although it’s not required, it’s also probably a good idea to provide a namespace that is similar to the name you gave to your application.

The app domain is also optional. It’s safest to leave it blank for testing.

Optionally, you can have Facebook automatically arrange hosting for your application at Heroku.

After you click Continue, Facebook performs a Captcha check to verify that you’re not setting up applications through an automated process.

Once you’ve satisfied the verification process, your application is created. The next page you see is your application’s application settings page.

From the application settings page, you can configure various details about your application. The choices you make here depend on what kind of application you plan to build and what you want your application to do.

The main thing to note from the application settings page is the App ID and App Secret near the top. These values are your application’s credentials to Facebook. You need these credentials to do almost anything with Facebook, including going through the OAuth authorization flow and working with Facebook’s Graph API. In Spring Boot they are the and respectively.

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