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Developing Android apps on windows

Which is better for developing android app and os, Windows or Mac?  July 1, 2021 – 06:40 pm
Microsoft shows how easy it will be to port Android apps to

Windows is slow and clunky when using the development IDEs since they are Java based. Linix and MacOS are the fastest Java development systems.

But if youbarent going to create iOs apps, there is no need to spend extra $$$ in a Mac. The Linux systems willnrun the Android dev tools just as fast or faster than Mac OS, and much faster than Windows.

I expect Linux should be an option since you beed to understand it to write for the OS anyways.

If for some warped reason it is not an option, then I would go Mac for the sheer performance benefit. Windows may be faster for games and raw processing power but the OS gets in the way of Java, and Unix based systems run Java mich faster. I dont recomment a Mac though, unless you plan to do more than Android development, because they cost more, and the Java envirinment is just a little different in the way you manage it (not an issue for java veterans though)


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