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iOS Development Tutorial  June 29, 2017 – 04:21 pm
Developing ios apps for beginners that case | Creating apps for

Try IOS is a great introduction to programming for iWhatever devices. The course deftly sidesteps the diversion of the Apple development environment, XCode, simulators and NIB files and instead focuses on the structure of IOS applications - the relationship between controllers and views, and for good measure adds some network code and JSON into the mix. I can't fault the course. It's to the point, it takes the participant (and we do have to participate) deeper and deeper into the architecture of IOS development, peeling back the layers as we progress. The coding exercises are well explained and re-enforce understanding, without inhibiting progress by making exercises overly burdensome. At all times there is a helping hand with notes, and even hints. This is a faultless approach to teaching programming, encapsulating gentle humour, teaching and participation. Try IOS is the Tina Turner of development courses - simply the best.


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