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Developing Scalable Apps with Google App Engine  August 5, 2020 – 09:26 am
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Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing fields right now. And no wonder - it provides an easy and affordable way to run your applications. However, the traditional way of hosting and scaling applications on Virtual Machines in the Cloud comes with a cost - even if the infrastructure is virtual, you still have to manage it - do load balancing, bring instances up and down, take care of patching your software and in general spend a lot of your time and resources on just the infrastructure.

Google is one of the pioneers in the business of scaling, and now you can use their infrastructure, and let them do all the scaling work so that you can focus on the unique features your app provides.


There will be an overarching project throughout the course, starting from Lesson 2. You will develop an application for organizing conferences, similar to sites like or We have provided the frontend of the app, and all your effort will go into making the backend.

And because you will be using Cloud Endpoints, it’s really easy to hook up your backend with a native mobile app. We have created an Android app that uses the same backend as the web frontend. You will able to recompile it against your backend, if you so wish!


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