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Google gives the Play Developer Program Policy Center a makeover and updates its rules  January 18, 2018 – 08:16 am
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Google says its goal with the Developer Program Policy Center redesign is to improve how it communicates its policies to help developers avoid accidental pitfalls.

Now, instead of a text-based list of policies, the various sections are organized into colorful cards laid out on a grid pattern. This makes it easier for developers to find a particular section with just a glance, whether accessing the Policy Center from the desktop or a mobile device.

Then, as they dive into a given topic, the section may contain visual examples of what’s appropriate according to policy, along with more detailed guidelines.

An Expanded “Enforcement” Section

This section before was a short paragraph pointing developers to a URL where they could contact Google about a removal or a concerning rating or comment from a user. It also stated that serious or repeated violations would result in account termination.

The new section offers more details on Google’s Policy, noting that apps that result in a low quality experience may not be eligible for promotion on Google Play, for example. It also details how policies are enforced and a section on “Managing and Reporting Violations” points to over a half-dozen help pages on related topics ranging from the app verification and appeals process to understanding account terminations.

By offering more detailed information on enforcement, Google is attempting to address one of developers’ top concerns with the app submission process: that is, when apps get booted from Google Play, developers don’t often understand the reasons why – even when pointed to the section they’ve violated.

Worse still is that their requests for help and better understanding seem to be met with form letter-style responses. (The same often holds true for Apple’s iTunes App Store.) With an expanded and more detailed section available that details how problems are dealt with and the resolution process, developers will have more information when things go wrong.

Policy Changes

In addition to rolling out the new look for the Developer Program Policy Center, Google also took the time to update a few policies in accordance with current practices. In other words, even longtime app developers may want to take a look to see what’s changed.


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