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Start 3D GIS iOS App Development in Swift  December 14, 2018 – 10:13 am
How To Make an App With No Programming Experience (Updated Guide)

“The world we live is full of coordinates and I love it!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

“The essence of creating a beautiful map is balance!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

This GIS course is going to help students start their 3D map coding for iOS. The code provided in this course are simple and easy understanding. The whole course is not long, but it covers everything necessary to build a 3D GIS iOS app including 3D symbols and text. The goal of this course is to provide an effective solution for students who want to learn this coding skill with minimum time expentidure. I hope that everyone can be benefited by this course.

The current SDK for 3D part is still in its beta version. But I can’t wait to create this course and to introduce its capabilities for iOS developers who are interested in integrating 3D map into their apps. ArcGIS offers a relative big library for the new version runtime SDK. However, considering this is an entry level course and students are from all levels, I tried to minimize the number of classes used in this course. I only give out a simple solution for adding 3D map, symbols and text in this course. If you are an experienced programmer, please don’t blame on that, you may find out that there are other possible coding approaches as well.

In this course, I tried to demonstrate the workflow step-by-step and to make the code simple, straightforward, and easy understanding. All the code were put to my lecture resources files in pdf format. The important thing is that you can repeat my experiment successfully, and I believe you can achieve a higher goal later. If you are new to using GIS maps in mobile app development, you are encouraged to spend a bit of time to browse the ArcGIS SDK library. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS has been developed by ESRI, which is so far the biggest vendor of GIS systems and applications in the world.

Time is precious for many app developers and programmers. This course was condensed with all necessary steps for building a 3D GIS iOS app with working code. For those GIS users, students, iOS developers, and anyone who are interested in developing GIS mobile or web GIS apps with ArcGIS SDKs, please be aware of my other course announcements about Android, JavaScript, and iOS in the future.


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