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Give Power to Your Cordova Apps  September 4, 2017 – 03:11 am

Monaca makes html5 hybrid mobile app development with PhoneGap/Cordova simple and easy. Monaca is the most open hybrid app development platform avaiable and ready to be immediately plugged into your existing workflow and development environment. From Cloud IDE, CLI to debugger and remote online build, everything you need for your hybrid app development is here.

Monaca cloud app development platform supercharges Cordova app development with easy to use tools, services and UI framework. It provides:

  • Remote Build and Continuous Integration

    Powerful remote online build and CI features for Cordova. All build environments are securely served on the cloud, with easy access from the browser. Hook scripts, custom Cordova plugins and flexible configurations are all in your hands. It works exactly the same way as you do in the local environment.

    See more about Remote Build and CI

  • Remote Build and Continuous IntegrationPowerful Debugging and Testing

    Monaca Debugger brings supreme debugging experience. It adds advanced JavaScript debugging to your Cordova apps, including break points, step in/out and profiler. Supports iOS/Android debugging on Windows and Mac without installing any SDKs. The develop & test cycle will be hugely improved.

    See more about Monaca Debugger

  • Cordova Power Plugins

    Power up your Cordova app. Resource Encryption Plugin provides extra protection for your app. In-App Updater makes it easy to update without redeployment to the App Store. Additionally, In-App-Purchase, Secure Storage and Secure SQL Plugin and more are available.

  • Backend Services for Cordova

    Simple and easy backend service APIs are available for Cordova Apps. Push notifications, user management, remote database, email delivery and much more. Backend Management APIs is also provided for the access from your backend server.

    Read the docs

Powerful Debugging and Testing Cordova Power Plugins


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