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What are some innovative ideas for a mobile app?  May 9, 2017 – 03:08 pm
Innovative Mobile App Ideas That Could Make You Reach With The

Online business and apps are the most growing demands of people at the present. To suffice for such an exponentially growing demand, the need for unique mobile applications is becoming intense. Thinking what to develop so as to gain an extra edge? Here are a few innovative ideas that can help drive your thought process to developing something unique.

1: Integrated Medical Reporting

Every hospital follows a sequential process wherein an emergency patient has to be registered and all details are to be noted. This system can be integrated with an application that runs on every doctor’s mobile in the hospital. The concerned doctor can be notified of the emergency along with the necessary details he needs to know. This will cut down the time that the doctor will take in understanding the case history and will help the doctor in attending the emergency case faster.

2: Affordable Shopping Application

E-commerce is hitting the internet arena with great potential. The shopping apps like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. are present in bulk. What’s not yet so convenient is a shopping portal where the consumers can post their demands with pictures. The sellers offering the demanded product can then contact the consumers. The products can be custom-made or ready-made.

3: App for the Elderly

Aged people who are living alone, especially those whose children are settled abroad are troubled by the growing everyday needs. Mobile apps for helping the elderly shop groceries online, book plumber, electrician or other utility services online, book healthcare facilities online or any other assistance that they might need can not only ease the lives of elderly living alone but can also lend satisfaction for their children settled abroad as they will know that their parents are living comfortably with all services just a click away.

4: Photo Editing App

Today, social media is being stuffed with media of which images account for the maximum number. Whether it’s a selfie or a group photo, a collage or an old memory, people tend to edit the photos a little so as to look better. Whether it is the iPhone application development or android application development, this kind of mobile app has huge potential to succeed as its need is burning.

So these are few ideas. However you have to work as per your interest and capability. You can see there are many such business organisation who have achieved higher success. You can also take some ideas by connecting with such business platforms. I was greatly influenced by Angel Investment Network. It works with a team of well experience and professional managers who helps to provide the proper guidance and funding to the startup companies and investors. So, it can also help you provide some ideas.

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