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The Cost of Outsourcing App Development  April 7, 2020 – 07:34 am
How much does it cost to outsource an app development to India

Many experts recommend to those who wish to estimate the amount of resources they will need for the first year of operation to look at successful startups - how much money have they made over the same period? As a rule, young companies start with a moderate budget loaned from friends and family or fundraised. This sum of money is typically enough for half a year, enabling the company to pick up the pace. After the money has run out, they need to raise a bridge between a seed round and Series A. Most likely, they will need a bigger sum to take the prototype validated at the first stage to the next level and improve it to prepare for launch. So what is the total? Bringing together these budgets, you will be able to calculate approximate outsourcing development costs. However, this can help you consider your financial capabilities, but to estimate the app’s cost and development time you will have to conduct a much deeper analysis.

Another option you have is hiring a freelancer, which brings you lower costs and inevitably higher risks. What do you put at risk? Poor work ethics, bad habits, misunderstandings, lack of commitment to the project and non-availability. With a 99% certainty, unless you strike it lucky, a freelancer will deliver a product that hardly matches the initial concept and expectations. Compare app development price to the cost of shooting a new film from an original script. Budget and talent lay the foundation for the project’s success, as well as your motivation and enthusiasm to bring your ideas to life. Be ready to put as many efforts into designing a brand-new application as you would if you were to shoot your debut film. However, if you want that film to be a blockbuster rather than a student short, you need to invest much more time and resources - the same is true for app development. Spending so much money and energies into the product, you will certainly want to your project team to be as dedicated to your goals as you are rather than to deal with a freelancer who has other jobs and employers besides you.

You cannot learn app development other than by trial and error. One of the secrets is that you should not become obsessed with your project. You should validate your idea through rigorous beta tests, proof-of-concept and MVP development before proceeding to another round of funding and starting a full-fledged marketing campaign. Many app developers have big expectations for their innovative products even before initiating the actual development process. Do not repeat their mistake - you should start the ball rolling before you can see where it rolls. Cherish your brilliant idea, believe in yourself and hire professionals to guide you through a complicated world of app design and bring your vision to life, creating a product that will have all the chances to change the mobile market and fascinate your customers.


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