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How to build & deploy a Samsung SmartTV app without the IDE (e.g: on Linux)  July 26, 2017 – 04:10 pm
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I've created this Answer for a topic that I know nothing about, but nevertheless I did spot something that threw a red flag in my direction...

First, I looked at your WineHQ Bug Report to see if this issue was resolved, but it's still pending as of this writing. I noticed that bug report had a reference link to the discussion which I clicked and followed.

Looking at the machine-code generated dump-error in that discussion proved informative.


Z:\home\\drive_c\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung TV SDK(3.5.2)\Emulator\Emulator2012_v3.5\bin\Emulator2.exe

The above Path is the location of the file that caused the dump. That path is the red flag I mentioned.

Let me back up a tiny bit and explain about what I learned about Windows XP SP3 and IE8 which very well may apply here, or you can skip down to the line with the bold text.

I worked on a webpage project that used a lightbox plugin called Shadowbox. That project wasn't on a local server, just in a subfolder of a subfolder. It works fine in Firefox and Chrome but IE choked and didn't render any CSS from the plugins style sheet. Because I was very familiar with Shadowbox, I was 100% convinced it was not the plugin. So I started to think outside the box, and through trials and tribulations I discovered the culprit was just the actual path!

I had created a subfolder for the project that used /test(v1)/ in the Path and that's what broke IE8. Once I removed the parentheses, the CSS was loaded correctly. This same solution was also the cause of a CSS issue for a forum member who used Vista and IE9, so then it's conceivable these issues lie with Wine as well.

What issue is that? It's using illegal characters, the parentheses, in the path name. I will stop short and say the URL name only because it's the file path leading to the index.html file (and only relative paths were used in coding - parentheses could not be escaped - and base tag failed).

Firefox and Chrome were forgiving, but not IE. Even though you may not be using IE, it's possible that this issue extends outside of that.

My solution is not to use parentheses or whitespaces in any portion of your file path. While this may not solve this particular bug, at the very least you will not have sandbox Wine issues for when that file path becomes a URL path for whatever requirement (e.g., accessing a SWF object to be used as a video player). If IE browsers are unforgiving, so too can other embedded browsers or programing modules.


Notice the above does not use the Program Files (x86) folder since that can't be changed per OS requirements. Having such a path will surely reduce, if not eliminate, any unforeseen errors. Cheers!


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