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Running App on TV  May 18, 2018 – 08:56 am

Enter the “Apps” panel.

After entering “Apps” panel, enter “Magic sequence” (buttons numbered with “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” and “5” in sequence).
It will show an interface for setting “Developer Mode”.

Set “Developer Mode” to “On”, and then enter the IP address of your personal computer which will be connected to TV.

After completing all setting, reboot the TV.

You can see a screen like below, when you re-enter “Apps” panel after rebooting.
“Developer Mode” will be marked on the top of the screen.

If you want to disable “Developer Mode”, please proceed as follows :

Please select “Off” in “Developer Mode” setting on window screen.
If the “Developer Mode” value is set to “Off”, it is in disabled state.

Setting SDK

  1. Run “Remote Device Manager” at “Connection Explorer” of SDK IDE.
  2. Click “+” new button to add the extra IP address of the TV you will connect to.
  3. Add the IP address of the TV which will be connected.
  4. Select the IP address you want to connect to among several IP addresses and connect to it. (If you want to connect device, you should set “Developer Mode” ON. )
  5. After all of the above steps, you can see the connection on the “Connection Explorer”.
  6. Right click on target device and click “Permit to install application”

Run As

Each mode in the "Run As"
Mode Descriptyion
Tizen Web Application This is the general execution mode.
App run as a connected device (TV or Emulator) of Connection Explorer
Tizen Web Simulator Application Run app as a default web simulator of SDK.
The default Web Simulator of SDK does not support TV-related specifications.
Tizen Web Simulator Application (Samsung TV) Run app as a “Samsung TV Web Simulator” of “Samsung TV SDK Extension”.
Tizen Web Unit Test Application

Debug As

The Web Inspector runs automatically when you run the app in debug mode.

You can debug Web applications using the JavaScript Debugger tool. The JavaScript Debugger is based on Webkit Web Inspector, and has been modified to support remote debugging.

While installing the app on TV, developer can face several issues. Some of the commonly occurring errors are :

  • Error 1009, 1010, 1013
  • Each error number meanings are :
  • 1009 : App uninstall fail
    The meaning of this message is a state that can not uninstall the app using command because of internal device problems.
    Please uninstall your app manually from the “Apps” panel of the device.
  • 1010 : App install fail
    The reason of App installation failure are diverse.
    Typical problem is a certificate problem.
    Please check your certificate and try again.
  • 1013 : App run fail
    The meaning of this message is a state that can not run the app using command due to internal device problems.
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