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SharePoint 2013 Online App Development – Part 1  October 3, 2017 – 11:04 am
SharePoint Server Application Lifecycle Management - Docs - Office
Thanks for nice article. Very useful for newbie.
SharePoint helps a business to communicate effectively with employees, partners and customers by providing web content management (WCM) capabilities to create, publish, manage, and control a large, dynamic collection of content. Over time it has evolved from being a content publishing platform to web content management solution by improving tools and allowing multiple users to access the site in real time. Article is an interesting cheatsheet that defines success for SharePoint users. The evolution of designer over the period of last 6-7 years and 3 versions is remarkable. SharePoint 2013 being most efficient has many changes regarding workflow management that allows a developer to copy-paste workflow actions and customize the structure according to the requirements. This enhancement means it also allows unlimited customization to the look and feel of a website. Support for various formats for content and attractive security measures makes SharePoint a good WCM option.
Hi Vivek,

Firstly thanks for sharing this post, I created my first app now.

I copied the javascript which you provided into NAPA Tool but it didnt work. I used alert at each statement to debug the issue. After removing all the this pointer in the javascript, it worked for me. Desired output comes up. Is this right way to do or Did i do anything incorrect ?

Also below code lines didnt gave me any results :

selectOption.innerText = listEnumerator.get_current.get_title;

So I used below code which worked:
selectOption.text= listEnumerator.get_current.get_title;

simple and to the point! great start! Thank you!
Hi Vivek,

It is a very useful article and every yhis is to the point.

Thank you and keep it up.


I have developed a App using Visual Studio 2012 and deployed the app in sharepoint 2013 site. When I tried to access the app the css are not loaded? can you please help me on this.


Hi, I just need suggestion on workflow.

1.What are all the ways to develop workflow with custom info path task form for SharePoint online?

please reply me ASAP

Very comprehensive and informative.
thank you for your great post.
i encounter a problem when i follow your step:
in your article:
"Once after entered the SharePoint Site URL, click validate button. It will open Office 365 login page and once after entering the valid credentials, the following success message will appear."
in my testing, it will log in office 365,just like log in office 365 using a browser, and no success message appear.

do you know the reason ?

Very good article


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