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How long do apps take to review?  February 27, 2022 – 02:38 am
How long do apps take to review? - iPhone Developer Blog

I get asked all the time “How long does Apple take to review an app?” and beyond the length of my last app review and a feeling about how long the reviews of friends are taking I really have no good answer to the question. People occasionally tweet about how long their last review took, but people tend to only do this when it is an unusually short or long amount of time.

So, I figured that it would be really useful to be able to get a rough idea of how long the app review queue is at any point and so in a few spare hours recently I created a little Twitter bot to hopefully help to answer the question. Average App Store Review Times.

I hope that this site will become a useful resource for people to get a rough look at what the current review times are for both the iOS and the Mac App Stores. It is never going to be completely accurate but it should give a better idea we currently have and I hope it becomes habit for us all to just tweet out the time taken every time we get a release of our apps on the store.

However, what we really need now is some real data to build some averages! So, if you have apps on the iOS or Mac app store then please do a quick tweet with the review time of your last app for iOS and/or Mac app. Just include one of the hash tags (#iosreviewtime or #macreviewtime) and a number of days in the format “X days”.


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