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Step by step iOS app development

How to Outsource App Development  June 1, 2021 – 06:19 pm
How to build an iPhone app – a step-by-step guide from start to finish

If you are interested in developing a mobile app, you might want to give consideration to outsourcing app development. There are myriad advantages you gain, from time-saving to freeing up some time for pre-launch and marketing efforts. Therefore, getting your app development outsourced just makes sense.

You’ll also find that outsourcing mobile app development, you can also act as the project manager, overseeing all aspects of the process from a distance. And your dedicated team will do everything under your guidance.

By making a monetary commitment with a freelance mobile app developer you will retain a greater level of motivation to ensure project completion. Here are some tips and tricks on how to find a good app developer.

Step 1. Know What You Want from the App

Before you decide that outsourcing mobile app development is what you’re looking for, you need to have a detailed definition of your mobile application you want on the outcome. Before you have it on hand there’s no sense in communication with any freelance developer. Nothing to discuss yet.

You should spend time researching similar applications, and write down what you want your app to do:

  • Do you want your app to have social media integration?
  • What are the login features?
  • Are there in-app purchases?
  • Do you want a free (lite) version and a premium version of the app?
  • Do you want the app to be compatible with Google/Android or both?
  • Do you want it to be native or cross-platform (mind that the cost of mobile app development will vary)?

Once you have the answers to all of the latter questions, and you’re clear on how your app will perform, you can move onto looking for a coder to complete your project.

Step 2. Find an App Developer

Apparently, knowing the type of app you want will define what you’ll hunt for in a developer. Now you can look for a developer who is skilled in creating the kind of apps you desire. For instance, if you want an app compatible with an iOS system, you’ll surely need a developer with a background in creating iOS compatible mobile applications, or if you want to develop a game, you will look for the top in mobile game developers community.

There are different ways of how to find a developer for an app, but the simplest way is to place your ad on a freelancer board like or (formerly where qualified professionals from around the world will bid for your job.

You can set a price for the project and put up a description of the project together with qualifications you are looking for in a developer. If you go with UpWork, you can look at developer profiles and invite specific applicants to bid for your project.

Whatever you do, make sure you are fully explicit about what you want from the developer. Tell them everything about the platform, features to build, and what you expect regarding their skills.

Even better, to make sure you aren’t getting a generic copy and paste responses to your bid and to ensure the bidder has read your entire post and is clear on what you need, somewhere toward the end of the post put a line asking the bidder to do something uncommon when responding.

For example, you can ask for a particular action in the post like “put the words ‘AWESOME APP’ in the first line of your post to show you’ve read the job requirements, and you understand what the job entails.” You’ll be surprised how quickly something this simple can weed out the non-proactive candidates.

Whatever board you use, make sure you read up on the history of the developers enquiring your project. If the profile is insufficient or you need more information, by all means, contact the prospective developer and ask questions.

When working through UpWork and, you’ll be getting bids within a few hours of posting. Don’t jump the gun and hire the first developer that applies. Give your post a few days to a week to accumulate prospective bidders to broaden your search for a qualified app developer.

Step 3. Talk with the Bidder before Hiring

To outsource Android development or the iOS one, you better get to know the developer before the hire. Use an instant messaging program to discuss the task with a candidate in real time instead of email correspondence. Skype is one of the most popular ways to communicate with mobile app developers interested in working your job. However, you can also use Google Hangouts, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, and other popular messaging platforms to conduct developer interviews as well as for project updates and instructions.

The real benefit you get from using messaging platforms is that you aren’t waiting around for return emails to your every question. Messaging platforms are real-time options for having a conversation and getting your questions answered instantly.

Video conferencing is another good option you can use, and this feature is available through a number messaging platforms. Through video conferences, you can get to know the developer and pick up on non-obvious but important nuances not available with text conversation.

Step 4. Interview the Bidder

There are certain things you should look for in a developer, but one of the most valuable skills is a clear communication. You need a developer who’s easy to understand and understands you easily too.


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