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9 Remarkable TED Talks Given By Kids  June 11, 2017 – 07:04 am
Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old app developer | TED Talk |

If you want inspiration, if you want to find a different perspective on life, if you want to learn something – take a break and watch a TED Talk.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It was started in 1984 by architect Richard Saul Wurman with the idea of inviting people to a dream dinner party. Diverse and brilliant minds with passionate and fresh ideas getting together for shared inspiration and insight.

Originally it was a very exclusive conference, and has since branched out to smaller (still exclusive) events around the world. But you don’t have to worry about scoring a ticket, as every TED Talk is archived online.

The longest a TED Talk will be is about 18 minutes, many more are closer to 6. It’s an amount of time you can spare before bed, or in between the hectic moments of your day, and it’s a few minutes you need to find.

Recently the TED Blog made a list of 9 remarkable kids giving talks. After the jump, meet a 12 year old app developer, a 15 year old who has discovered a test for pancreatic cancer, and 7 other kids who will help feed your brain.

Lions are the top tourist attraction in Kenya. One of Kenya’s main industries is tourism. But lions are in decreasing numbers because of conflicts between humans and the animals. Nairobi National Park takes up 16% of the city, an area where wildlife and people co-exist. Richard invented a flashlight device that helped save his family’s cattle by scaring away the lions.

Uncertainty is a hard thing to adapt to as an adult. Most of how we answer questions and solve problems is how we’ve behaved in the past. “If you don’t know if that animal is a predator, it’s too late, ” says Beau Lotto. Play, however, celebrates uncertainty, and children are the best at play. Science is about investigating uncertainty, so Beau Lotto invited 25 8-10 year olds to help him devise an experiment. The kids wanted to know if bees could think like human beings. Amy O’Toole was a part of Lotto’s study and is now one of the youngest published scientists in the world, and the youngest to ever speak at TED.

Tavi is a pop-culture feminist looking for strong female role models. She’s found that most powerful females in media are “completely flat two dimensional characters.” She’s looking for someone to look up to who is a “bundle of contradictions.” So she created an online forum for young girl to be redefine what it means to be feminists.

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